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Sherrod Library Staff Lounge Policy

Policy: The Sherrod Library Staff Lounge (Room #446) is available to the following individuals:

  • All Sherrod Library faculty and staff.
  • All factory and staff working for units housed in Sherrod Library (CFAA, Assessment, Testing Center, INtopFORM, Archives, ATS, ITS).
  • All Graduate Assistants working for Sherrod Library and for units housed in Sherrod Library.


  • All full-time staff working for Sherrod Library and units housed in Sherrod Library may apply for a key to the staff lounge from Kathy Gregory in library administration room #412 (; 439-5222).
  • GAs are not issued individual keys. However, each department/unit employing GAs may request a staff lounge key for the use of their GAs.
  • All keys must be returned to library administration when an individual’s term of employment ends; failure to return keys will result in holding of records, transcripts, and/or delay of final paychecks.

Use: Users of the staff lounge are expected to:

  • Keep the lounge, tables, chairs, and counters clean and neat.
  • Mark all personal items in the refrigerator.
  • Keep the refrigerator free of outdated food.
  • Respect the property and privacy of other users.
  • Maintain a quiet and respectful environment.

Policy effective September 2015.